Why The Ebook Therapist? Because I want to make your ebook the best that it can be. I am a copyeditor and proofreader with years of experience in editing books, magazine articles, academic writing, and corporate communications.

Hiring an editor is an important step in publishing your ebook. We all make mistakes; we don’t want to show those mistakes to thousands of people. An editor will spot those small or not-so-small errors that you, and your spellcheck program, may have missed, so that your final product is polished, professional and easy to read.

What can you expect when you hire me? An edit can be as basic or as in-depth as you like. Basic copyediting will include fixing and standardizing spelling (US, Canadian, or UK), grammar, punctuation and other mechanics of style. I also check cover copy and front and back material. More in-depth edits will also help to refine your language: clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon and streamlining your writing. You may also ask me to help reduce your word count by cutting unnecessary material, or to help adjust your language to better engage your target audience. Whatever level of editing you desire, I will do two passes through your document, which allows me to find more errors and better spot any contradictions or continuity errors. I will also work with your existing style guide or, if you don’t have one, create one, to ensure consistency of spelling and usage across your book. My rates range from 2-5¢ per word depending on the complexity of the edit.

Contact me to request a quote or a sample edit of your manuscript.

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